Bodrum to Datça Ferry Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning a trip from Bodrum to Datça? Consider taking the Bodrum to Datça ferry!

This scenic trip across the Aegean Sea is the quickest and most convenient way of traveling between these two popular seaside cities. Here are a few reasons why:

🧿 Faster than Driving — This is especially true if you’re renting a car or driving your own car. It’s typically a 3.5 to 4 hour journey overland by car from Bodrum to Datça, versus a 1.5 to 2 hour trip by ferry.

🧿 A Straightforward Trip— Traveling from Bodrum to Datça by bus typically involves a transfer in Marmaris. For example, you would do Bodrum to Marmaris and then Marmaris to Datça. Without counting the waiting time in Marmaris, the trip takes 4 hours. By taking the ferry, you’ll cut your travel time in half.

🧿 The Scenery! — On the ferry, you’ll be treated to beautiful views of Orak island, gulets (traditional Turkish sailing boats), rugged uninhabited islands, the beautiful blue hues of the sea… ah, ne güzel (how beautiful). 😍

🧿 An Excellent Day Trip — If you’re limited on time, you can also do a day trip from Bodrum to Datça (or vice versa!)

🧿 An Interesting Way to Travel— Last but certainly not least, taking a ferry definitely beats any other modes of transport. It’s fun and unique! 

If you’re looking to travel between Bodrum and Datça, this blog post has everything you need to know about the ferry, including the Bodrum Datça ferry schedule, prices, what’s it like onboard, and much more. We hope this ​​​​​​helps during your trip planning process! 🙂 

For your information: We took the ferry from Bodrum to Datça during the last week of April (on a Tuesday) in 2024. This post was last updated in May 2024 with new information. 

Quick Bodrum to Datça Travel Tips

Perhaps the most important travel tip is that this ferry route goes both waysfrom Datça to Bodrum, and from Bodrum to Datça. 

Likewise, Datça is sometimes incorrectly spelled as Datcha (i.e. Bodrum to Datcha ferry). They mean the same thing (the Turkish ç makes a ch sound :)). 

You don’t need a visa since it’s a domestic ferry route 😉 (unlike Bodrum to Kos, for example).

If you’re traveling during the summer, it’s best to buy tickets ahead of time — especially if you’re also taking a car with you on the ferry!

Speaking of preparing: it’s also a good idea to buy food, snacks, and water before your trip. While the ferry has a small kiosk with drinks and toast, you might want something a little more filling. We also recommend buying crackers if you tend to get seasick. 

Location & Tickets

Bodrum Ferry Location

The location of the Bodrum Datça ticket kiosk is located on the Bodrum marina. You can click here for the exact coordinates on Google Maps.

The kiosk is actually a small booth (see photo above). It has the Datça ferry timetable and prices posted on the outside (in both English and Turkish), and an employee inside the booth during regular business hours. This is the booth where you’ll buy your Bodrum to Datça ferry tickets. 🙂 

Just a few meters from the kiosk is the ‘parking’ for the ferries that make the trip between Bodrum to Datça — this is from where the ferry departs. 

Datça Ferry Location

Datça Pier is where ferries depart from Datça / arrive from Bodrum — click here for the exact coordinates on Google Maps.

If you’re arriving from Bodrum, there is a free shuttle to get you to Datça center. We’ll talk more about this in the last section. 🙂 

Buying tickets on the Bodrum to Datça ferry 

We bought our tickets at the Bodrum ticket kiosk since we were traveling from Bodrum. 

If you want to do the trip the other way around (Datça to Bodrum), there is a ticket kiosk in Datça as well.

To buy tickets in-person, you’ll need to give your full name and phone number. It’s possible to buy the tickets by card or cash. Afterwards, you’ll get a paper ticket — be sure to keep it! When you “check in” to the ferry, they’ll rip off the end and hand you back the rest of the ticket (it makes for a nice souvenir or scrapbook ;)).

We bought tickets exactly one day before our trip and had no issues, but we traveled during the shoulder season (April). If you’re taking the Bodrum Datça ferry during the summer, we highly recommend planning and buying your tickets ahead of time. This also goes for people who plan to transport their car on the ferry, as there is limited parking.

You can also buy tickets on the ferry website, but the interface is a bit clunky and you’ll need to use a translator (at the moment, the reservation page is only in Turkish).

Bodrum – Datça Ferry Price

You can check the latest Bodrum Datça ferry ticket prices on the official website — click here.

We purchased our tickets for 385 TL (11 EUR) per person. Interestingly, when we were writing this blog post, the prices on the website stated that a ticket was 550 TL (16 EUR) per person. Perhaps there’s a discount if you buy your tickets in-person?

If you’re planning to take your car on the Bodrum Datça ferry, you’ll also need to ‘buy’ a ticket. This goes for motorcycles, regular cars, SUVs, caravans (camper vans), and so on. 

Bodrum Datça Ferry Timetable

You can check the Bodrum to Datça ferry timetable on the official website — click here for the English version.

Like many ferry routes around the world, the number of departures depends on the season. For example, there are only a few sailings per week during the low season (i.e. every other day). During the summer, there are multiple sailing per day (up to 3 or 4). 

On some days, it’s also possible to do a Bodrum to Datça day trip! For example, you’ll depart in the morning, spend a few hours in Datça, and come back in the afternoon. ​​You’ll have about 5 or 6 hours to explore Datça, which is enough to grab lunch, walk around town, and even explore Eski Datça.

The Ferry Trip From Bodrum to Datça 

Now that we have all the logistics out of the way, it’s time to get to the main event — actually sailing from Bodrum to Datça! Here’s a short recap of our trip, as well as everything you need to know (departures, seating, on-board amenities, etc).

Departure from Bodrum

When we bought tickets, the salesperson said to be at the dock around 30 minutes before departure (i.e. we should be there at 8:30 am because our ferry was at 9:00 am).

We arrived at the pier at 8:40, did a quick “check in” (aka gave our tickets to the guy with the clipboard :)) and boarded the ferry. Since it was a weekday during the ‘in-between’ season (April), there was plenty of seating on the ferry. We’ll talk about this more in-depth in the next section.

Our ferry was scheduled to leave at 9:00 am on the timetable, and ​​it departed around 9:05 am

We arrived at 11:00 am on the dot. Although the timetable said it takes 105 minutes (1 hour and 45 mins), it was realistically more like 2 hours. The waves were a bit choppy on the trip, so maybe that had something to do with it. 🙂 

Aboard The Ferry: Seating & Amenities

Now let’s talk a little about being onboard the Bodrum-Datca ferry! Our ferry was the Fahri Kaptan 2, so your experience might vary depending on which ship you take. 

On the first floor, there is the parking lot — there’s a ramp that cars and motorcycles use to get onto the ferry and park their vehicle on this floor.

On both sides of the ship, there are narrow stairs (with handles) that you’ll use to ​​walk up to the second floor. Be careful if you have heavy luggage, as it might be uncomfortable pulling it upstairs. 

This second floor is where you’ll find the most seating. There’s a closed indoor section with about 10 rows of seats, and another open-air section in the back with four rows of seats. The inside section also has air conditioning and even a large desk near the front left (one lady took advantage and was working on her laptop during our trip — what a great productivity lifehack ;)). 

Overall, the ferry ship has capacity for more than 250 passengers. 

The second floor also has toilets: the men’s toilet is on the left side, and the woman’s toilet is on the right side. 

Likewise, there is a small cafe kiosk on the second floor. We bought Turkish tea for 20 TL, and there’s also water, toast, etc. 

Finally, the upper floor (“third floor”) has open-air seating. This is the best seating in terms of views, but the downside is that the sun shines directly on you (and wind as well). 

We chose to sit inside on the second floor and would recommend it. There’s plenty of legroom (we could fit our small baggage in front and still have space), the seats are comfortable, and you’re protected from the elements. It was a bit stuffy at first but you get used to it pretty quickly. 🙂 

During the trip, we also noticed two fellow passengers who took their dogs with them. It’s possible to take your pet on the Bodrum Datça ferry, but you’ll need to sit outside (i.e. in the open-air seats instead of inside the cabin). On the ferry’s website, it notes, live animals can be transported inside the vehicle or outside the passenger lounge, provided that they are in cages.

The ride was comfortable and we had no complaints. There were a few times where the internet was spotty in the middle of the trip, but then again, we were in the middle of the sea gulf, so it makes sense. 

Free Shuttle ​​

Did you know that the Bodrum-Datca ferry includes a free shuttle? We were pleasantly surprised when we found out. 🙂

After arriving in Datca, there will be a shuttle waiting for passengers. However, there are some things to keep in mind beforehand:

The free shuttle has a limited number of seats. We counted 27 seats and some standing room, so realistically about 35 to 40 people can fit on the shuttle. When researching this trip, we read some reviews that said the bus left early / there weren’t any other buses, so keep this in mind.

If you want to have a guaranteed seat, we recommend being one of the first people to disembark. A few minutes before the ferry arrives, make your way to the back and get in line near the stairs. 

After disembarking, walk to the end of the pier and there will be an employee who will escort you to the free shuttle. There will also be a few taxis parked right next to the ferry. 

The free shuttle stops at three places:

  • Reşadiye 
  • Eski Datça (Old Datça
  • Datça Otobüs Terminal (Datça Bus Station) — this is the last stop

Bodrum, Datça, and Beyond ​​

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